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Sunday Dinner at Mee Mee’s

  I remember stepping into Mee Mee’s house on Sunday’s and how all the smells  would hit me. First was her ‘Youth Dew' perfume immediately followed by roast,  meatballs, or ham. It took only one beat to inhale deeply and know what we were  having.   Upon our arrival the garlic bread would go in the oven and then, like clockwork,  the scream came a few minutes later, “I’m burning the garlic bread!!” and then  scraping of charred bread would commence.   Every Sunday I’d see my grandparents. Every Sunday there was football. Every  Sunday I’d hang with my cousins. We’d play outside, wave to the caboose on the  passing trains, climb the levee, and fish or swim in the lake. This...

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Love Is A Verb

When I was growing up, my daddy always said, “Actions speak louder than  words.” As an adult, I've really found his words to be true.   I’ve heard plenty professions of love. But I had also experienced copious  amounts of conduct that contradicted what I knew love should look like.   At 42, I’d been rocking the single mom life for quite a while when I met Chris. He  approached me with a smile and said, “You look pretty today.”  My knee jerk reaction was a slightly snarky and totally jaded “Now that’s a line”,  paired with a cynical eye roll.   If my reaction surprised him, he didn’t show it. Instead, he politely replied “Not at all. It’s a compliment because you...

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How Misdirected Focus Postponed My Dreams

In December of 2016, the dream of working for myself was finally coming true!  I left my job of 10 years with a major telecom, set up my home office and started  the work of launching my blog.  The first couple of months, with book in hand, I built a WordPress website to  publish my writing to.   The next step was to finish the training I had purchased on how to launch a  successful blog. Once I had enough blog posts published to start promoting my  website, I decided I need to start building a second stream of income in tandem to  blogging.   This “something else” was to start growing a team with the direct sales company I  was with...

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