3 Steps to Loving Well

3 Steps to Loving Well

Ethan was only minutes old when his mother held him close, her eyes bright with love as they drank up every detail of this new life.

Looking up, she said in a bare whisper, “I never knew I could love someone this much.”

It’s a moment we can understand, especially if we have experienced the birth of a child. Or maybe our moment came when we fully embraced our soulmate, sometimes long after we exchanged wedding vows. Then there’s the love that pours out as we sit by a loved one’s side and are there for them as they draw their last breath.

Love is pure and authentic. It pours freely, without effort, and propels us toward our OolaLife, where family and friends are among the seven key areas that bring balance to our lives. But it’s also an OolaAccelerator, especially when we learn how to authentically and unconditionally love people outside our comfort zone.

You heard us right. It’s something you can learn! Here’s where to begin:

  • Love yourself. Yeah, you’re probably looking at yourself and making a mental list of all the reasons you don’t deserve it. So what if you’re not perfect? You’re unique. You’re different from everyone else. The sooner you realize that’s something to embrace, the sooner you’ll give others permission to love you, too. So kick those negative OolaBlockers out of the way, and show others how to love by loving yourself first.
  • Now share the love without conditions. Have you ever told a stranger how much you like her outfit? Try it, but only if it’s authentic. It’s fun to see the transformation you’ll trigger with your kind words. Now give it a go closer to home. Offer words of empowerment, compassion and appreciation to a loved one, not because he took out the trash or she made your favorite meal but just because you care. That’s love!
  • Finally, love well. Help others find their Oola by realizing their own potential. Enabling others might seem nurturing. But if you truly love someone, you’ll help them find in themselves the inner awesomeness that brought you to this point. Sometimes, that means working your way through life’s challenges and growing stronger and wiser from the lessons you’ve learned.

And remind them, always, to be grateful, have faith and get their Oola life!