Rekindling The Friendships Worth Fighting For

Rekindling The Friendships Worth Fighting For

This probably isn’t pre-printed on your desk calendar or programmed into your online assistant, but August 25 is National Kiss and Make Up Day. Make a note so you don’t forget when the date rolls around.

How Oola is that? What an opportunity to put life on pause for a few minutes, grab a paper and pen, the telephone or, even better, meet eye-to-eye with someone from your past.

And this isn’t about introducing a toxic person back into your OolaLife! The sort we’re talking about are the people who come back to mind as you explore where you stand in the seven key areas of life – fitness, finance, family, field, faith, friends, and fun.

Maybe the clutter of an unbalanced life let your friendship fall through the cracks. Or was it a difference of opinions that put you at odds (and you can’t even remember over what)? Whatever the case, now is the time to think about kissing and making up, figuratively speaking, and we are not talking about delivering a poke through Facebook!

It’s another step on your journey to an OolaLife and here’s a good place to start:

  • Be sincere. Begin by using a delivery that genuinely reaches out – if the only way you can find them is through Facebook, at least contact them through a personal message.

  • Examine your intentions. Are you rebuilding a bridge with an old friend, thanking them for the positive influence they had in your life? Is this a former business contact you could really use right now? (And we don’t mean that in a manipulative sense; it’s called networking.) Or are you hoping to rekindle a past romance? If it is the latter, step carefully. There’s a fine line between saying hello and coming across as something more confusing.

  • If you don’t hear anything back, give it a few weeks and reach out again. As you well know, it’s easy for messages to get overlooked – or worse, never be delivered in the first place. Don’t let that derail your efforts. (But do stop if it begins to feel like stalking. If you don’t hear back after three tries, know that you’ve planted the seed for when your friend is ready for a reunion.)

  • One of the biggest end-of-life regrets people experience is the friendships that fell to the side in the clutter of life. A year turns into 10 in the blink of an eye. But National Kiss and Make Up Day gives us a perfect platform, on Aug. 25 and every day. Grab the moment before it’s too late!

Step forward and take action, never forgetting … be grateful, have faith and go get your OolaLife!

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