Health is a Mindset

Health is a Mindset

About six years ago I got very sick. My life was stressful and busy. I always seemed to be moving in several directions at the same time.

I have two boys with learning disabilities and, at this time, they attended different schools.

That meant:

  • different Parent Teacher Associations

  • different holiday schedules

  • one took a bus

  • one required a car pool schedule

Add to this, after school activities, paper routes, and a lawn care business for which I acted as my older son’s personal assistant. It’s understandable that the negative effects of stress finally caught up to me.

I had no energy for my own work and I was too tired to do anything with my family.

The urgency I felt for my health wasn’t shared by the western medical system. The doctors weren’t proactive to help me schedule appointments. They offered no suggestions for me to even do my own research.

I couldn’t wait for them to figure it out so I finally consulted a medical intuitive. She gave me some great suggestions and I started on the journey back to health.

Around this time I heard about a 2-day workshop in Lexington called Oolapalooza. With hope and possibility in my heart, I attended.

I listened and took everything in. And, as I worked through the Oola framework, I began to clarify my dreams and create a path to my future. It wasn’t difficult to identify my One Goal: Fully Functional Health.

When I got home I began implementing Oola into my daily life. It became easier to see if things entering my life moved me closer, or further away, from my One Goal. Eventually I found a Functional Medicine Practitioner who helped me heal. Slowly I was able to participate in family events again, and later I returned to work.

The freedom to say no is invigorating. This shift in mindset was huge for me. Putting my health as a priority had never even occurred to me. But, by having this touchstone of clearly defined goals, it became easy to gauge when I was heading in the correct direction.

Oola works. I continue to review my goals yearly. Every day I take steps toward my goals because I want to be sure I’m heading in the direction of my dreams.

Living Oola was instrumental in changing my mindset which led me back to health. And that’s why I teach and coach the Oola Framework.

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Written by Lynn Sullivan, Certified Oola Life Coach.