3 Ways To Allow More Fun Into Your Life

3 Ways To Allow More Fun Into Your Life

"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

There’s a lot of truth to this saying, and it highlights the need for OolaFun: All work and no play prevents you from maintaining a healthy balance in your life.

Consider the activities you do purely because they bring you joy. Do you travel? Paint? Watch the sun set behind the Rocky Mountains?

Now tell us–be honest–how many times you’ve found the time, the money or the confidence to actually head into the mountains and share that picturesque moment with your family. If you ask your kids, chances are good they will remember those spontaneous adventures as some of their fondest memories. It’s not always because of the destination, either, but because of the people who surrounded them.

Here are 3 ways to allow more fun into your life.

  • Past criticism can shut down our efforts before we even try to spread our wings. Don’t believe those negative messages. Reach into your innermost reserve and let your passion for painting lead you to the canvas. You might not come up with something you want to share right away, and you might find the activity isn’t as fun as it looked. If so, tap into something new.
  • You assume you don’t have the time or the money. Hundreds of excuses are waiting in the wings to spoil our fun. We’re not asking you to throw caution to the wind: Don’t buy a ticket to Europe with your rent money. But to find balance in the seven key areas of life–fitness, finance, family, field (career), faith, friends and fun–make time for yourself and the things that help you grow. Make the most of what you’ve got while you’re still around. As Jim Morrison once sang, “No one gets out of here alive.”
  • Tap into the passions that set you apart from everyone else. God created you for a reason. You are unique for a reason. You be you. Recognize your talents, share them in a way that brings positive change to others. You are awesome. You can change the world one interaction at a time.