When I started my Oola journey, one of the first things I did was the Oola Wheel. I answered the questions for Fitness, Finance, Family, Field, and Friends. Then I came to Fun. I paused and took a serious look at that topic.

For a long time I didn’t feel like I had fun or even knew how to have fun. Fun was for my children. Fun was for my single friends. I was too busy to have fun. Too busy taking care of kids, house, career, husband, yard…all the things.

But maybe it was my definition of fun that was off.

The Oola Affirmation for Fun is:


The dictionary defines Fun as enjoyment, amusement, or lighthearted pleasure, amusing, entertaining, or enjoyable.

But for some reason I thought fun meant going and doing. Going to a concert or a park. Going to cheer my son at a motorcycle race, or going out to meet friends.

What I realized, in working through Oolafun, is that fun is a personal decision and a personal definition.

I began to define fun as something I enjoy or find fun doing. Something that puts me in a place of wonder and awe and gives me lighthearted pleasure.

I love to go out in the spring and look at what is sprouting out of the ground. I find gardening fun. Sure, sometimes it’s hard work, but for me it’s fun. Many times fun can be disguised because it involves some work! But if it gives you pleasure it’s fun.

Travel is high on my fun list. I love to travel and have fun discovering new places and learning about the culture. Of course the last few months travel has been restricted. So this summer, I discovered new beautiful places to explore within a few miles of my home.

For me family is also a source of fun. Listening to my 3 year old granddaughter play, and watching her momma play with her, has brought me great joy, hours of laughter, and taught me a lot about having fun!

Seven things I’ve learned about Fun:

  1. You don’t need anyone else to have fun

  2. You don’t have to get dressed to have fun

  3. Fun is simple, not complicated

  4. If it makes you smile, feel joy or brings you peace, that is fun

  5. Fun can be a state of being (not doing)

  6. Laughter is truly the best medicine, do more of that!

  7. Fun, finding the wonder and awe in the world, laughter will keep you young at heart and bring more fun into your life.

Now I find fun in many different places and moments. My OolaFun goals reflect my personal definition. I keep them simple and about how they make me feel.

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