My Oola journey began two years ago. I fell in love with the principles and positivity. Heck, just saying the word makes me happy! 

While researching Oola and the Oola concepts, I began to feel freer, not as uptight and anxious as usual. I had to learn more. 

The first time I met Dr. Dave and Dr. Troy, they gifted me the Oola for Women book. I read it in no time. I was consumed with wanting to know more so I purchased the original book; Oola: Finding Balance In An Unbalanced World

It was while reading this book I began to grasp the fact I was designed by God for greatness and a purpose. Even if I wasn’t accepted by others, that was okay. I am included in that truth. 

As I dug deeper, into the Oola material, I learned about the seven Oola Blockers. According to Oola, Fear is the number one Blocker. Fear consumes many for various reasons. I was no different. That’s when I knew following Oola was right for me. 

There was a time I was fearless. I never imagined I would second guess decisions, thoughts, or anything. 

But then I began experiencing anxiety. Initially I didn’t realize it was anxiety. I just knew I wasn’t okay. I didn’t recognize myself. I was puzzled by my mindset and stumped by my behavior. 

How could I change so fast? How did I go from fearless to fearful? When did this transition take place? It crept up on me before I knew it. All of a sudden I became overly cautious. I questioned every decision and second guessed every move. I felt as if I was fighting an invisible monster. 

Fear began to consume me. I didn’t like who I was becoming. The fearful feelings were too much to handle. 

As I took time to reflect, a question emerged:

How do I work through this ever-consuming fear? 

I dug deep within myself to determine why I was fearful. I took the time to sift through the feelings and behaviours that sparked fear. I looked at every aspect of my life, internal and external. I discovered that the internal feelings were sparked by outside sources. I was determined to face them but didn’t know how. Finally, I turned to my number one resource, the Bible. 

I looked up fear and learned that the phrase, “fear not” and “do not be afraid”, are used over 300 times. Some sources even say they are 365 uses, one for every day of the year. 

Although I discovered this, and tried to embrace it, the fear consuming thoughts kept creeping to the surface. Some days fear won. 

Thoughts like: 

  • You’re not good enough 

  • What makes you think you can do this 

  • Why do you bother 

  • No one is interested in what you have to say 

Then I began to apply the Oola principles to my life. I learned how to step outside my comfort zone, and how to rediscover myself. 

Since then I’ve regained my confidence and voice. Now I’m free to share my talents and give without fear engulfing every thought and action. 

It was Oola’s READY, SET, GO! technique that helped me work through fear. For example, I desperately wanted to promote my Oola life coaching business by going live on social media. However, after a bad experience, I was frozen with fear. 

I knew, in order to grow I must apply READY, SET, GO! 

  1. READY - Call it out: I’m afraid of failing on Facebook live 

  2. SET - Put fear in its place by asking: “What will my life look like if I give into this fear?”  I won’t go live on social media. My coaching business will suffer. Next ask, “What will my life look like if I overcome this fear?” I will be able to utilize social media to grow my business. 

  3. GO! - grab 20 seconds of courage and DO IT! 

I did it! Now, despite feelings of trepidation, I go live on social media. 

This is just one of many examples how I’ve used READY, SET, GO! By applying this, and other Oola techniques, like holding myself accountable, I’m succeeding. 

Occasionally fear still rears its ugly head. I won’t deny some days are harder than others. On the hard days I’m constantly reminding myself of what I’ve learned through Oola. Eventually, I take back the driver’s seat on my Oola Life bus. I won’t allow fear to overtake me again. 

In Oola we treat each other like family. I am embraced and Oola has provided key concepts to a better life and helps me maintain relationships. 

But the best thing is I’m no longer afraid!

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