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“Life is like a box of chocolates: you never know what you’re going to get.” Forrest Gump What’s your analogy for life? Is life a race to be won? Maybe a marathon to be endured? Or a rollercoaster ride to survive? How you see life, even sub-consciously, affects how you approach life. About eighteen months ago I signed up for a course by Gary John Bishop on called Stop Making Excuses. In the course he teaches that by the age of twenty-five we have all come to three conclusions: A Personal Conclusion: what we believe about ourself A Social Conclusion: what we believe about other people A Life Conclusion: what we believe about life These conclusions show up as...

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When I started my Oola journey, one of the first things I did was the Oola Wheel. I answered the questions for Fitness, Finance, Family, Field, and Friends. Then I came to Fun. I paused and took a serious look at that topic. For a long time I didn’t feel like I had fun or even knew how to have fun. Fun was for my children. Fun was for my single friends. I was too busy to have fun. Too busy taking care of kids, house, career, husband, yard…all the things. But maybe it was my definition of fun that was off. The Oola Affirmation for Fun is: I AM PURSUING THE JOYS OF LIFE The dictionary defines Fun as...

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